The Case for Women

Promoting women’s leadership and presence in business and at business schools

At The Case for Women we are passionate about improving the presence of women in business school learning tools and their overall representation within the tertiary education sector. 

We monitor women’s presence across business schools in prominent business school case papers, as well as their participation as students and professors.

We publish annual lists on business school case papers that contain women protagonists and have women present in them. We aim to support those wanting to improve the presence of women as leaders in business and in business schools. Through coaching and women’s programmes, we work to improve women's prospects of becoming a leader. We consult to businesses and universities on how they can best support and improve the presence of women at managerial and leadership level.

Recently published in INSEAD's EMCCC Annals of Psychodynamic Systemic Practitioner


Lesley Symons

The founder of the The Case for Women, Lesley Symons, is passionate about getting more women into leadership positions. Whilst studying at INSEAD in France, Lesley noticed a distinct lack of women on campus, bo