Our Vision

Our vision is to see higher educational establishments produce teaching material that is representative of the diverse community that we live in. We believe that during education, all individuals should see people and groups that they can identify with, being portrayed in a positive way.

We believe that by inspiring individuals in the classroom, our future workforce will be more diverse and inclusive.

Our Work

Our aim is for business schools, universities and companies to gain transparency on their gender and equality status and to gain information to improve through fact-based knowledge.

We audit for gender, race, ethnicity, disability and equality.

What we Audit

  • Character numbers
  • Character and group descriptors
  • Use of imagery
  • Industry placement
  • Position or seniority of characters
  • Author or content producer characteristics

Where we Audit

  • Course curricula
  • Institutional/company documents
  • Marketing material
  • Websites


We have highly trained and vetted auditors. We have learnt through a rigorous process over five years that we all can miss characters and interpret based on our own biases. All of our research is double-blind tested.