Lesley Symons Consulting

At Lesley Symons Consulting we collaborate with leaders, individuals, teams, organisations and communities to achieve improved performance. We work with leading edge modalities.

  • We engage all in the process – a whole systems approach.
  • We honour the individual, team and company values.
  • We respect and enable diversity.

Our coaches combine on-the-job business experience with therapeutic training.

Our Vision

To inspire sustainable improved personal and executive performance.
To develop competent, confident people who can bring their highest values to work.

What we offer

Executive and leadership Coaching, coach training, mentoring and leadership development.
This takes place at individual, group and whole organisational level.

What you can expect

Improved personal, group and company awareness – who am I, who are we.
On the job learning and skill improvement - we work with “live issues”, resilient individuals and organisations who can be flexible with complexity and change.
Improved engagement and overall performance at individual and organisational level.

For more information visit our consulting site here.